Geo Marine Survey Systems

Geo Marine Survey Systems is a world wide supplier of quality geophysical products and related services.
Our company is focusing on:

  • Production of innovative hi-res seimic sparkers spreads complete with 24 bit recording systems and ultra hi-res streamers
  • Production of geo-technical equipment 
  • Software development for ultra hi-res seismic acquisition, processing, interpretation, 3D visualization
  • Rental of this equipment plus experienced operator services
  • Advanced seismic processing and interpretation services are available through our partnership with GeoSurveys from Portugal

The qualification of our personnel reaches further than just their experience. Our distinguishing characteristics are: motivation, flexibility, mobility and excellent knowledge of languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Thai and Chinese.

Advanced seismic processing and interpretation services are available through our partnership with GeoSurveys


Geo Marine Survey Systems manufactures a complete range of innovative systems, which provide a solution for all aspects of very hi-res seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation.

  • Geo-Source 200 - 2400 multi-tip sparkers for marine survey, including the unique fresh water sparker system for lakes, rivers and low salinity seas
  • Geo-Spark Pulsed Power Supplies with an energy output ranging from 1000 J up to 40 kJ
  • Geo-Boomer electromechanical source systems, also in multi-plate configurations for long in-line arrays or wide across-line arrays 
  • Mini-Trace II, 24-bit dual seimic recorder system
  • Multi-Trace 24-48, Ultra hi-res seimic recorder system (new product)
  • Geo-Sense ultra hi-res streamers, single channel and multi-channel
  • Geo-Suite acquisition, processing, interpretation, 3D visualization

Geo Marine Survey Systems also builts a range of high quality geo-technical equipment for seafloor sampling:

Moreover, the Geo Marine Survey Systems R&D team is always available to conceive a custom designed solution for your problem.

For who do we work?

Geo Marine Survey Systems supplies integrated services to:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
  • Windfarm Survey Industry
  • Offshore - Nearshore Construction Industry
  • Offshore - Nearshore Mineral Exploration
  • Oceanographic Research Institutes
  • Universities

Contact info

Sheffieldstraat 8
3047 AP Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 10 4155755

VAT no: NL 820 958 955 B01
Chamber of Commerce: 24 46 53 94

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